Learning not to fall

Tourists in Stand up Paddle

“Para quienes gustan de una actividad física que resulta relajante, el paddle surf es una gran opción. Fue una gran experiencia ir con la profesora y los alumnos. Estuvimos cerca de una hora disfrutando de las olas, la tabla y una gran platica. No se necesita ser experto, solo ganas de conocer el mar a otro nivel.”

Paola Aldrete, Mexico

Class at the beach

Learning not to fall with RioLive! We had the opportunity to try a different type of surfing: Paddling at the beach! We headed to Copacabana Beach for a lesson with local instructors. It was an enjoyable experience as we tried not to fall off the board while also learning some Brazilian expressions related to the sea and the sport. Despite the cloudy weather, we had smooth waters to navigate ensuring our adventure was filled with fun and excitement. In fact we did actually fell in love with the sunset after the class! The combination of the chill waters and the mesmerizing sunlight painted an unforgettable picture in our minds.

Boards and paddles at Copacabana

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Cloudy afternoon

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