Learning Portuguese and beach volley

Sports in Rio de Janeiro.

Had a great time at the RioLIVE! Beach Volleyball ! I had been really keen to play since we see so many locals playing volleyball and futevolley every morning and afternoon on the beach – so was thrilled to get a chance to join in the fun myself. Despite not being very skilled, we had a great time, practiced a lot of Portuguese, and the weather was perfect. Looking forward to getting out to beach again!

Jack Leathers, United States

Fun time on the beach in Rio de Janeiro

We were learning Portuguese and beach volley on the beach. Besides the morning group class, the students played volleyball on the beach with RioLIVE! Since they were mostly first-timers, they basically needed a quick class to learn a bit how to play this sport. But it really worked out, they played plus had lots of fun practicing their Portuguese skills!

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