Foreigners learning Samba.
Foreigners learning Portuguese with Samba.

Ready for the samba show!

It was a blast learning Portuguese with Samba. It has been my second day with the wonderful teachers at Rio & Learn, and already, we’ve Samba-ed the afternoon away in the most and interactive way. The instructor was very patient and encouraging. Although the steps were very quick, I am excited to Samba again in the near future!

     Gia Burrows, Bahamas.

Portuguese students dancing samba.

Putting their feet to work!

Learning Portuguese is great! What about learning Portuguese with Samba? We did that with our RioLIVE! at this time. Our Portuguese students put their feet to work and learned how to dance the most popular carioca dancing rythm, samba! They were doing some shy steps in the beginning, but after the instructor’s commands, they were ready sambando the whole afternoon away! The perfect way to learn Portuguese with Samba.

See more of this activity on video below:

They can’t wait for Saturday to do the Samba School Visit RioLIVE! and put into practice everything they have learned in class. You can also see more of this activity on our Facebook page, check this out:

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