Learning Samba

Learning Samba

Portuguese language students learning samba.
Learning samba.

I enjoyed going to the Samba classes! It was a great & fun experience. I liked it so much that I’ll be taking some lessons.

Cecilia Stenstrom, United States

Learning samba when you are a foreigner staying in Brazil is one of the most exciting things to do. Our Portuguese students enjoyed last Tuesday a nice class with lots of movement. At the beginning, they looked like not really good dancers, but at the end of the class they were doing very well, better than lots of Brazilians 😉

We had students from USA, Switzerland, UK, Norway, Slovakia and Lithuania enjoying the class.. As you see, we always have new Samba dancers from around the world

Learning Portuguese when you are dancing samba looks like easier.

See on the below video and at the pics, how a Samba class with Rio & Learn is and we wait for your next visit to Rio 😉

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