Learning Samba in Rio

Learning Samba in Rio

Learning Samba in Rio de Janeiro as you learn Portuguese
Learning Samba in Rio

Gisteren gingen we naar de samba school met een aantal andere studenten van de taalschool

We hebben daar een beetje samba leren dansen,althans geprobeerd,het was leuk om te doen maar wel moeilijk.

De lerares dansde in een snel tempo,maar we hadden wel plezier,zaterdag gaan we voor het echte werk naar een sambaclub om het in pratijk te brengen.

Het was zeer de moeite waard en ik raad het iedereen aan.

Domingos Kololu, The Netherlands

Learning samba in Rio is one of the must things to do in life. Our last RioLIVE! Activity was very animated and we had the surprise that this time participated in the samba lesson more man than woman. We had just one girl student dancing with us, but 9 man. This time we had Portuguese language students from France, USA, Japan, Holland and Venezuela.

Our students were quite excited about learning samba in Rio and even that at the beginning it looked like as quite difficult, they worked hard and at the end they were dancing quite good. But the best thing was that after every song it was satisfaction, applauses and lots of smiles. They finished with the shirts wet even with the air conditioning.

Watch a video here and see how to learn Samba with Rio & Learn is:

See some other pictures of the day here:

CIMG9658 CIMG9660 CIMG9661 CIMG9662 CIMG9664 estudiantes de portugués aprendiendo a bailar samba Portuguese language students in a RioLIVE! Activity Students at Rio & Learn Portuguese School learning samba Students of Portuguese dancing samba students speaking Portuguese while dancing samba

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