Samba classes!!!


Samba classes. Portuguese students learning to dance with Rio&Learn.

Den Ausflug zur Sambaschule kann ich nur weiterempfehlen. … Die Schritte werden so erklärt, dass auch die ungeübten Tänzer das Gefühl hatten gleich Samba tanzen zu können. Ich kann es kaum erwarten am Wochenende in einen Sambaclub zu gehen.

Jonas Ullrich, Germany

Yesterday we went to learn some Samba with our Portuguese students. They show to everybody that not just Brazilian can dance and samba teacher got surprised with them 😉

From China, Colombia, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy and Belgium, we had good fun and everybody is ready for next Carnival 😉

Some of our students talk to us that they are going to put in practice they learnings next weekend.

See on the next video how much you can learn in just one hour class with Rio&Learn Portuguese School. Amazing isn’t it? We wait for you!

Portuguese students learning Brazilian dance Students from Rio&Learn learning how to dance

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