Look no further for fun!

Sexta à noite na pedra do sal - RJ

Pedra do Sal , An amazing activity! In the mood to party? Look no further!! Pedra do Sal is an incredible event in “Little Africa” every Monday and Friday. This historic event is well known and attended by many, boasting an incredible crowd and even greater energy! Listen to samba music in the BIRTHPLACE OF SAMBA. So much fun!! We are talking about live music, strong drinks, beautiful people, an incredible teacher and guide by your side, delicious food, and amazing ambiance and ultimate vibes. WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOr! Do yourself a favor, add some flavor, and spice up your life at the next Pedra do Sal!

Malcom King, United States

Roda de samba in Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Look no further for fun! That’s what you have to do when it comes to Pedra do Sal. One of the most fun and traditional places when it comes to samba and partying. After a long week of studying, our students got together and got to know this famous place in Rio de Janeiro. The moment they arrived, they already felt the wonderful atmosphere that samba brings and took the first steps to the end. All this accompanied by good drinks and lots of Portuguese practice!

Pedra do Sal with friends!

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