Lover’s Day

Lover's Day in Brazil: June 12, Dia dos namorados.
Hi guys from A Dica do Dia!
Today we are going to talk about Lover’s Day in Brazil!
Here we celebrate Lover’s Day on June 12th due to its proximity to St Anthony’s day on June 13th.

Saint Anthony - The "match maker".

Saint Anthony – The “match maker”

 St Anthony of Padua is considered a “Match Maker” or a love saint in Brazil. Brazilian catholics pray to him asking for help to find their Soul Mate.

Lover’s day in Brazil is similar to Valentine’s Day celebratated around the world. Here we don’t celebrate Valentine because on February 14th we usually celebrate Carnaval.

Lover's Day gifts

Lover’s Day gifts

On Lover’s Day it’s a tradition to have dinner  with our significant other and give gifts such as chocolate, love letters, flowers or any other romatic gift.

Well guys, We hope you have enjoyed today’s Dica do Dia!

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