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At the Museu do Samba we were immersed in the rich history of Samba. From the music to the food to the dance, the culture was born into a troubled country where enslaved people still strived to celebrate their heritage with joy in the face of adversity. A force of passionate individuals pushed forward lead by men and women which changed the narrative of Brasil at the time. The first samba schools were created here in Rio de Janeiro and the culture remains strong to this day! Learning about this history in Portuguese was a great way to gain a deeper understanding of the area whilst strengthening our knowledge of the language.

Rebecca Martland, England

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Exploring the Museum of Samba and delving into the history behind the grand celebration is undoubtedly a moment cherished by all. It’s truly fascinating to uncover aspects often overlooked in the bustling carnival parades and lively samba circles. Visiting this museum sparks a curiosity to learn more about the music, dance, and the people who wholeheartedly adore Carnival.

learning about the history of samba in Brazil

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