Lucky at Corcovado

Afortunados en Corcovado.
La visita al Cristo redentor es una de las cosas que no podia dejar de hacer en Río de Janeiro y gracias a Rioandlearn no solo visite si no que también aprendí un poco de su historia junto al profesor Diogo que mientras explica y guía va enseñando portugués.
Wilmer Romero Nieto, Colombia.


We visited Chist the Redeemer and we got really Lucky at Corcovado because the sun was up in the sky, everything was ok and our Portuguese students could have best views of the entire city. All of this speaking Portuguese, having fun and getting to know each other better because there are always new students in the beginning of each week. But we mentioned before that we got lucky, right? That’s because later the temperature dropped, the clouds came and the statue was all covered by the fog.

Nothing that can bother them, but even wtih this unexpected facts, they had a good time there!

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