Marquês de Sapucaí

Marquês de sapucaí

At Marquês de Sapucaí.
At Marquês de Sapucaí.

I had a great time with Rio and Learn. The activities I went to were excellent and I had a some brilliant experiences. I wouldn´t hesitate to recommend the school and the teachers there. Always friendly, always helpful and they made my Rio experience a great one.

Andrew Thow, Scotland.
RioLIVE! Activities at Marquês de sapucaí.
RioLIVE! at Marquês de sapucaí.
Last Sunday our students had the opportunity to watch the ensaio técnico  of the samba schools Viradouro, Unidos da Tijuca e Salgueiro, at Marquês de Sapucaí. We met at Rio & Learn, in Copacabana, and headed downtown right after, to start enjoying our pre-carnival. Before going to Marquês de Sapucaí, we joined a bloco (street party) in Copacabana. 
As we arrived at the Sambódromo, the students were amazed with the energy that carnival irradiates. We stayed on the benches and thestudents took that moment to talk to the supporters of the schools that did their last practice before the actual carnival parade, at Marquês de Sapucaí. Viradouro and Tijuca were surprisingly good, but Salgueiro really got everyone pumped and the students loved it!!! Since we had been to quadra do salgueiro the night before, we all knew how to sing their samba enredo, a Ópera dos Malandros. The students had loads of fun and really enjoyed our exciting evening at Marquês de Sapucaí.
Come Have fun and see Rio de Janeiro the way it is supposed to be seen joining our RioLIVE! Activities.
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