Marvelous Porto Maravilha

Knowing Mural de Etnias

Museo + murales hacen una gran combinación. Visitamos el museo del mañana en donde, a través de exposiciones interactivas, se pretende hacer entrar en razón a la humanidad sobre lo que nos depara el destino. Una exposición profunda que vale mucho la pena ver. Terminamos el día con un mural de Kobra sobre distintas etnias. Un día muy diverso, sin duda!

Paola Aldrete, Mexico

Knowing Mural de Etnias

The tour in Porto Maravilha was amazing! We had an afternoon with fantastic weather, and during the walk we talked about everything, from boats to the Guanabara Bay, the Brazilian Navy and the cool idea behind the Museum of Tomorrow. After the visit to the museum, our students were all still thinking about the future of the planet, our Tomorrow. It was amazing!

Learning Portuguese in the streets - Aprendendo português nas ruas.

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Late afternoon at MAM - Fim de tarde no MAM.

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