Meaning of Cara in Portuguese. Michael: E aí, cara! Tudo bem?

Hello folks! On today’s Dica we will study the meaning of Cara in Portuguese.

Meaning of Cara in Portuguese

Cara is a slang that we use to refer to a friend of ours, but in a casual way here in Rio de Janeiro. We can refer to guys and girls, just using this word. Take a look!


Diogo: Pierre! Vem ver essa mulher que está no meu Instagram!
Pierre: Nossa, cara! Essa mulher é muito linda!
Diogo: Pena que ela não quer nada comigo!

Diogo: Pierre! Come here to see this woman on my Instagram!
Pierre: Uow dude! She is gorgeous!
Diogo: It’s a pity she doesn’t want anything with me!

Cara can also be used when we want to refer to a part of our body: our face!

Meaning of cara in Portuguese. Eita! A minha cara tá cheia de espinhas!


Luana: Eita! A minha cara tá cheia de espinhas!
Silvia: Eu tenho um creme ótimo pra te emprestar!
Luana: Valeu, hein!

Luana: Gosh! My face is full of pimples!
Silvia: I have an excellent cream for you!
Luana: Thanks!

And finally, we can use this word to refer to something expensive. In this case, the word cara can vary according to the gender of the subject.

Meaning of Cara in Portuguese. Esses óculos são muito caros!


Igor: Nossa, esses óculos são muito caros!

Igor: Uow! These glasses are really expensive!

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Big hug from Rio.

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