Meaning of the Portuguese Word Nossa

Meaning of the Portuguese Word Nossa. Nossa! Que vista incrível!
Hello everyone! Let’s study Portuguese!
Today we are going to learn the meaning of the Portuguese word Nossa. You have probably heard a lot of Brazilians say this word.

This word has two meanings in Portuguese. The first one is the possessive pronoun Our/Ours. We use it to talk about belongs we have. Let’s take a look at some examples:

Nossa as Possessive Pronoun

Essa cerveja é nossa. Vamos beber!
This beer is ours. Let’s drink!

Rio & Learn é a nossa escola de Português.
Rio & Learn is our Portuguese school.

Nossa casa fica perto do Morro Dois irmãos.
Our house is next to Morro Dois irmãos.

You’ll see that many Brazilian people use Nossa as an exclamation. The word Nossa can be used to express enthusiasm or to show that you are impressed with something. It means wow and it can also be used in a positive or negative way. Let’s see:

Nossa as an exclamation

Nossa! Que dia lindo!
Nossa! Que canga linda!
Nossa! Que calor!
Nossa! Que camisa horrível!
Wow! What a beautiful day!
Wow! What a beautiful sarong!
Wow! It’s so hot!
Wow! What a horrible t-shirt!

The word Nossa also became very popular after the song Ai Se Eu Te Pego from the Brazilian singer Michel Teló. Have you heard this song before? So, let’s hear it!

So guys, what kind of Nossa does the singer use in this song? The Possessive Pronoun or the Exclamation? Let’s see if you can guess right!

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