Memes at Palácio do Catete

Students in front of a paiting at Palácio do Catete.

Ayer conocí Palacio de Catete con Rio & Learn, me encanta que los profesores siempre están  atentos a que cada estudiante tenga la mejor experiencia, aprendí historia de Brasil y portuguese.

Leide Yohana Alarcón Medina, Colombia

The students wanted to know more about the presidents of Brazil so we went to Palácio do Catete with RioLIVE! to learn more. We learned all about the previous presidents and to finish we saw an exhibition about memes at Palácio do Catete. We also enjoyed the lovely weather as we played games at the garden.

Students at the fountain of Palácio do Catete.
Resting at the fountain after learning memes at Palácio do Catete.

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Learning about history and memes at Palácio do Catete.
Posing at this amazing salon.

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