Message to the whole world

18 de July de 2019

I had a great time visiting Niter贸i. I learned a lot from Igor. Igor took the time to not only show us around but also provide historical facts of events that occurred. After arriving to Niter贸i, we visited the Niter贸i Contemporary Art Museum. Igor explained to us how the designing and construction of the building came about. I enjoyed this trip, as much as our other RioLIVE! experiences, because we got the opportunity to not only learn the language but also learn about Brazilian culture and history. In my opinion, this is the BEST WAY to learn a new language!

Chris Cruz, United States

Foreign students enjoying the view from inside the Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Niter贸i.
Enjoying the view from inside the Museum.

There was a new exhibition on Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Niter贸i and we crossed Guanabara bay to see it. The mix of paintings and newspaper articles had a lot to tell us about the Afro-Brazilian Culture. In the end there was a box in which we wrote a message to the whole world.

Writing a message to the whole world.
Writing a message to the whole world!

Dear society. Be happy and smile, no matter what challenges life brings you!

Signed by all 5 of us

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View of Oscar Niemeyer Museum from Ilha da Boa Viagem in Niter贸i.
Chris was not cold!