Moon in Portuguese, moon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“Moon, for a moment my singing goes along with you. And even the wind sings compact in time”. Wow! Have you heard that one before? It’s a song written by the famous singer Caetano Veloso  and just like him, many have sung about outer space because it’s always inspired human beings. So to celebrate the anniversary of the first trip to the moon with Apollo 11, let’s learn some outer space vocabulary! Learn how to say moon, sun, stars and milky way in Portuguese!

Sail with us in this interplanetary Dica! And just like David Bowie said: put your helmet on!

Outer space vocabulary: moon, sun, star and many other expressions in Portuguese

Brazil is very famous for its landscapes and its nature. We often stop to watch the sunset or the sunrise and Brazilians often marvel with the moon and they love pointing to the stars to make a wish.

So let’s learn a few of these words and then perhaps you can join us witnessing our Brazilian version of space while studying Portuguese in Rio! Sounds amazing, right?

Lua Moon
Sol Sun
Estrela Star
Planeta Planet
Galáxia Galaxy
Espaço Space
Via Láctea Milky Way
Nuvem Cloud
Cometa Comet
Buraco Negro Black Hole
Meteoro Meteor
Asteroide Asteroid
Planeta Anão Dwarf Planet
Astronauta Astronaut
Atmosfera Atmosphere
Alienígena Alien
Espaço Sideral Outer Space


Well, now you know some outer space vocabulary and you might even become a poet or a romantic 😉 or perhaps you could invite someone to watch the Brazilian skyscapes while you explain about the moon, the sun and the stars in Portuguese, because on the beaches of Rio de janeiro you can talk a lot about them!

That’s it, folks! Our free Portuguese lesson ends here! Hope you enjoyed it. See you again in our next Dica. Oh, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!

Come and study with us!
Kisses from Rio de Janeiro!

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