What does Morro mean in Portuguese

24 de November de 2016

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What does morro mean in Portuguese? If you have ever visited Rio de Janeiro, you have probably been to a morro.

What does Morro mean in Portuguese?

A morro is a land-form that extends above the surrounding terrain, but not very tall and not very steep. The difference between a morro and a mountain is mainly its size and shape. The mountain is tall and its shape is peaked, however, the morro is lower and has a smooth shape. The most famous examples of morro here in Rio de Janeiro are Morro Pรฃo de Aรงรบcar and Morro Corcovado, where Cristo Redentor is, but there are many others. Letโ€™s see some:

Examples of Morros in Rio de Janeiro

Exemplos de Morro no Rio de Janeiro. Morro dos Cabritos. Morra da Saudade. Morro do Corcovado. Morro de Sรฃo Joรฃo. Morro da Babilรดnia. Morro da Urca.

We also use the word morro to refer to a favela, because here in Rio most of the favelas are located in the higher parts of the city. You must have heard about Morro Dois Irmรฃos where you can find Vidigal or Morro Dona Marta where you can find Favela Santa Marta.

Famous Morros in Rio de Janeiro

Now we know what morro means in Portuguese. So, have you been to a morro before?
You can visit the morros of Rio de Janeiro with Rio & Learn on our RioLIVE! activities and practice Portuguese with us.

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