Mother's day in Brazil. Feliz dia das mães. Brazilian mothers day.

Hey everyone! As this date is arriving in Brazil, in our Dica today, we are going to learn a little bit about Mother’s Day in Brazil.

Brazilians and their moms

Even though Brazilian families are very big, we are really close to each other, and Brazilians love spending time with their moms! So much so, that many people still live with their moms even if they are adults! On Brazilian Mother’s Day we spend the day with our families surrounded by love.

If you just take a minute to think about it, our mothers are our first love. From the moment you’re born you know that there is a human being committed to looking after you, and giving you all their love. That’s so beautiful and lovely!

Mothers cook with their heart, take care of you and make you feel like you are the best person in the world!
Maybe you don’t have a birth mother, but your mother is someone who raised you. So you can celebrate with another person who is simply as important to you.

The origin of Mother’s Day

The origin of this celebration is mythological. In the Ancient Greece, Greek used to worship Rhea, the Great Mother of the Gods, and this celebration used to happen on the arrival of the spring. Therefore it is a festivity derived from the custom of adoring the mother. The formal worship of the mother, with ceremonies for Cybele or Rhea was performed in March throughout Asia Minor.

Mother’s Day in Brazil

Mother’s Day is always celebrated on every second Sunday of May in Brazil. In some countries, such as Portugal for example, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May.

Mother’s day in Brazil became important in 1932, when the president Getúlio Vargas formalized it on the second Sunday of May according to the wishes of the Brazilian Federation for Feminine Progress. This initiative dealt with the importance of the appreciation for the feminine space in society and had been motivated by feminine progress already achieved, such as the right to vote, in February of the same year. It was an important moment to show the strength of women here.

Future dates of Mother’s Day in Brazil

Days of the week Date Month Year
Sunday 12 May 2019
Sunday 10 May 2020
Sunday 9 May 2021
Sunday 8 May 2022
Sunday 14 May 2023
Sunday 12 May 2024
Sunday 11 May 2025
Sunday 10 May 2026
Sunday 9 May 2027
Sunday 14 May 2028
Sunday 13 May 2029

Vocabulary list

Happy mother’s day! Feliz dia das mães!
First love Primeiro amor
Birth mother Mãe biológica
Raises Cria
Heart Coração
Brazilian Federation for the Feminine Progress Federação Brasileira pelo Progresso Feminino
Strength Força
Families Famílias
Lovely Adorável
Committed Comprometido
Take care Cuidar

Finally, we have just understood a little bit more about the celebration of Mother’s Day in Brazil.
What are the  customs in your country on Mother’s Day? Go to our Facebook page and leave a comment telling us!
Have a great day.
Kisses, Rio & Learn.

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