Mountain, Forest and City at Parque Lage

Today with RioLIVE! activities we attended Parque Lage. Parque Lage is a part of the Floresta Park da Tijuca. It is a beautiful park with many trails and lots of nature. We seen monkeys and walked through some caves in the park as well. We also went inside the palace and I tried a traditional Brazilian drink called a Caipirinha from palace restaurant. I had an excellent day. Thank you.

David Baptiste, USA

Students in cave at Parque Lage.
Students in cave at Parque Lage.

In this RioLIVE! Activity we went to Parque Lage where we enjoyed the view of mountain, forest and city, in other words Rio de Janeiro in a nutshell. At first some of our students went in the restaurant inside the beautiful palace, where they had some drinks. One of them who was new to Rio had Caipirinha for the first time. Another student went up to the palace’s rooftop and was pleased to see the views from a special spot. The group also had fun walking on the trails and caves and watching the brazilian fauna in the aquariums and hanging on the trees.

Student at the rooftop of the palace at Parque Lage.
From the rooftop you can enjoy the mountain, forest and city.

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Students at the restaurant in the palace at Parque Lage.
Enjoying the view of mountain, forest and city at Parque Lage.

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