Musical Instruments in Portuguese: O berimbau.

Hey there! Do you like music? Of course you do!
But, can you say the names of the musical instruments in Portuguese? Join us and let’s learn!

Musical Instruments in Portuguese

Take a look at the pictures below with the instruments we have just learned:

Musical instruments in Portuguese: O violão. The Guitar

Names of instruments in Portuguese: A Guitarra.

Instruments in portuguese: O Baixo, the Bass.

How to say the musical instruments in Portuguese: O violino, the violin.

Names of musical instruments in Portuguese: A Bateria, the drums.

O Piano

The keyboard: O teclado.

Musical instruments in Brazilian Portuguese: A Flauta. the flute.

Musical Instruments in Portuguese: O Saxofone.

A gaita, the harmonica.

Musical instruments in Brazilian Portuguese: A Sanfona.

Brazilian musical Instruments: O pandeiro.

Musical Instruments in Portuguese: O berimbau.

Brazilian musical Instruments: A cuica.

Easy, right?
How many musical instruments can you play? Are you good at it?

List of musical instruments in Portuguese

O violão
A guitarra
O baixo
O violino
A bateria
O piano
O teclado
A flauta
O saxofone
A gaita
A sanfona
O pandeiro
O berimbau
A cuica
The guitar
The guitar
The bass
The violin
The drums 
The piano
The keyboard
The flute
The saxophone
The harmonica
The accordion
The tambourine
The berimbau
The cuica

That’s it for today guys. We meet again on our next Dica!

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