Neighborhood of Urca

Neighborhood of Urca

Neighborhood of Urca.
Beautiful view at Urca.

Pasamos un día maravilloso con RioLIVE! Primero estuvimos en Praia Vermelha, una pequeña playa muy bonita rodeada de montanas y vegetación. Después fuimos paseando alrededor de Pan de Azucar, junto al mar y los barquitos, hasta llegar al Bar de Urca con mucha gente bebiendo en la calle contemplando el atardecer. Disfrutamos mucho!

María Soriano, Spain.

Relaxing at the neighborhood of Urca.
Relaxing at the neighborhood of Urca.

Our RioLIVE! at this time was a nice visit at the neighborhood of Urca, that is the most peaceful neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. Our Portuguese students from USA, Germany, Peru, France and Spain could have nice views of the city. We started our activity at Praia Vermelha, one of the most beautiful beaches in Rio that is located at the bottom of Morro da Urca and Morro do Pão de Açúcar.

Then, we started our stroll around the neighborhood to explore the place and see the local beauties. The students talked very much, in Portuguese, and had the opportunity to talk about many subjects and doing comparisons with Brazil. Topics such as economy and sports couldn’t be out of our talk. We finally finished our RioLIVE! at Bar da Urca, a very bohemian place that is used as a meeting place by cariocas and tourists. A great place to have some beers and practice Portuguese.

Come you too to explore Rio de Janeiro with our RioLIVE! Activities.

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