New Route But The Same Magnificence

Weekend at the Tijuca Forest

Floresta da Tijuca is one of the world’s largest urban parks, adjacent to the city of Rio de Janeiro. Personally, it’s only my second time visiting but honestly, I could easily return a few more times without repeating a single step…The park is immense and filled with beautiful and diverse flora and fauna. So far I’ve visited the waterfalls (Cachoeira de Horta) and the Pedra Bonita (overlooking the entire city of Rio!) and I can’t wait to return!

Kenneth Galloway, United States

Hiking Pedra Bonita in Rio de Janeiro

We visited the Tijuca Forest with our RioLIVE! Weekend but with new route. A new route but the same magnificence, it happened because still due to the pandemic, the visit at the forest has some restricitions and we couldn’t do some trails but we could add new ones. It wasn’t a problem for our students because they could have the amazing expericence that this place can offer. As we saif before, we did a new route but the same magnificence.

Explorando Parque Nacional da Tijuca

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Trilha na Floresta da Tijuca

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