new years eve colors example: branca paz e calma.

Hello friends. As the new year is approaching, in today’s Dica we’ll learn about New Year’s Eve colors.

New Year’s Eve Colors

Oh my god, the year is almost over. Did you see it passing by??? It’s like I blinked and another year is about to begin. So, right now, it’s time to celebrate! We have to think about what we want for the next year and put good energy into our thoughts to make it happen.

In Brazil we have a cultural tradition related to colors. We have New Year’s Eve colors that represent specific things which we want to happen in the coming year. We’ll explain it to you in a bit, but before that, do you have any traditions like this in your country? What color is the most common to use for Réveillon? 

Did you know that people in Brazil sometimes wear underwear with the colors that represent what they want from the new year? So, it’s very common to see people using white clothes and probably underneath, they are wearing secret underwear with the color of their wishes.

The colors that you wear express your desires for the future year, so let’s learn them:

New years eve colors example: White - peace and calm. If you want peace and calm, you should wear something white. One nice thing about Réveillon in Brazil is that white is the official color, so the majority of people usually wear white. In your country is like this too? It’s the prefered color for New Year’s Eve, so on this date you can see a sea of white clothes out on the streets.

New years eve colors example: gray - prosperity and maturityTo have prosperity and modernity you should wear gray.

New years eve colors example: green - harmony and hope

Green is the color that represents harmony and hope!

New years eve colors example: blue - intimacy and maturityFor intimacy and maturity you must wear blue!

Pink t-shirt: romance and affection

If you wear pink it means that you want romance and affection.

Yellow represents prosperity and optimismWearing yellow represents that you want prosperity and optimism.

New years eve colors example: golden - wealth

If you want money money money money you should wear gold to have wealth.New years eve colors example: orange - movement and happiness.

Want next year to be busy and happy? Wear orange!New years eve colors example: red - love and passionAnd of course, the universal color of love. To have love and passion: red is the color.

New years eve colors example: black - nobility and powerWearing black is not a synonym of bad things. It can attract nobility and power.

Réveillon in Copacabana

Here, in Brazil, we often use the word réveillon to talk about New Years Eve. Copacabana beach has an incredible street party. You can watch the fireworks from the beach and enjoy the night with your friends. People often get in the water too to celebrate the new year. Réveillon at Rio de Janeiro is wild!

Now let’s practice the New Year’s Eve colors with this exercise. Take a look at the picture and tell us the colors of our student’s clothes – in Portuguese, of course. Ready? What are the colors each student’s top?

New Years Eve Colors exercise

Extra challenge: Can you say the color of the cap and the shirt of the last student?


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  1. O estudante 1 está usando uma camisa rosa.
  2. A estudante 2 está usando um vestido azul/jeans
  3. O estudante 3 está usando uma camisa amarela.
  4. O estudante 4 está usando uma camisa azul escura.
  5. Extra challenge: O último estudante está usando um boné amarelo e uma camisa com as cores verde, azul, amarelo e bege.