Nice to meet you in Portuguese

16 de May de 2014

Hello people! Are you excited to learn Portuguese from Brazil? We hope so!
Today’s Dica is super important for you to start communication: we are going to study how to say nice to meet you in Portuguese!

How to say nice to meet you in Portuguese

We have many ways of saying nice to meet you in Portuguese. As other languages, the choice depends on the place where you are and who you are talking to.

You can use nice to meet you in Portuguese at the beginning of the conversation or at the end, it’s up to you.

Vocabulary list

So here’s a list of the ways to say nice to meet you in Portuguese and the level of formality of each one:

Prazer em conhecer-te Pleased to meet you More formal
Prazer em conhecΓͺ-lo/la Pleased to meet you Formal
Prazer em te conhecer Nice to meet you Less formal/ normal
Prazer em conhecer vocΓͺ Nice to meet you Less formal/ normal
Muito prazer It was a big pleasure Less formal/ normal
Satisfação Alright  Less formal/ normal
Prazer A pleasure Less formal/ normal
Bom te conhecer Good to meet youΒ  Informal

Notice that we useΒ prazer em conhecΓͺ-lo to men and prazer em conhecΓͺ-la to women.




Example with muito prazer meaning in Portuguese

Now let’s watch a video. Don’t forget to turn the subtitles on!

As you could see in the video, two people meet for the first time and this is their dialogue:

Diogo: Oi! Meu nome Γ© Diogo, prazer.
Doddi: Oi! Tudo bom? Meu nome Γ© Doddi. Muito prazer.
Diogo: O prazer Γ© meu!

Diogo: Hi! My name is Diogo, nice to meet you.
Doddi: Hi! You ok? My name is Doddi, pleased to meet you.
Diogo: My pleasure!

Notice that when someone tells you pleased to meet you, you can answer the pleasure is mine back.

At last, you know how to useΒ muito prazerΒ  in Portuguese. Now, go to the streets, find someone who speaks Portuguese and introduce yourself to them πŸ˜‰ ! Or come to our Facebook page and make some friends!
Thanks for reading our Dica. Until the next one…!
Bye bye!

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