Night at Mangueira

Night at Mangueira

Portuguese students at Mangueira.
Having fun at Mangueira.

Deze zaterdag hebben we de hele avond de samba gedanst. We begonnen met een drankje in een echte braziliaanse uitgaansavond in de favela, daarna zijn we naar de sambaschool Mageuira geweest. We hebben professionele sambadansers in actie gezien en zelf ook een poging gewaagd. De hele nacht werd er heel veel gedanst en muziek gemaakt. Het was een erg leuke avond waar we een echte locals-nacht hebben beleefd!

Camilla Bodewes, Netherlands.

Neither the cold nor the rain spoiled our Saturday evening at GRES Mangueira. We met at Rio & Learn to get to know the routine of a samba school. In the beginning of our RioLIVE! we talked about how Carnaval works in Rio de Janeiro and how would be the samba theme competition that would happen that night at Mangueira.
We arrived at Mangueira and walked through the clothes stores around the school with typical clothes from Mangueira. Besides that, an exciting samba concert was taking place there. We started to dance samba and soon the cold was gone. Right after that the competitioan started and we pícked our favorite samba theme. The students practice their portuguese singing the samba theme the school was rehearsing. We received flags to join the party and went to middle of the court to dance samba. The students remebered the steps they have learnt at one of our RioLIVE! Activities and let loose.
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