Night at Pedra do Sal

Night at Pedra do Sal

Night at Pedra do sal.
Night at Pedra do sal.

Funk, Samba und gute Laune erwarteten uns in Pedra do Sal. Mit Caipirinjas ausgeruestet begann eine schoene Feier. Da das Fest im Freien statt fand, konnte man immer eine Kleinigkeit essen und wieder weiter tanzen. Nach nicht wenigen Caips endete unsere Nacht auch nicht allzu frueh. Dieser Ausflug hat sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt und wird fuer mich unvergesslich sein.

Christopher Katz, Germany.

Our night at Pedra do Sal was very fun. We began our night drinking some Caipirinhas and dancing Samba at Pedra do Sal. As it was the farewell party of the students Abe, Adam, Julissa and Katreena it had to be something special. So we enjoyed the night and talked a lot in Portuguese to remember ou best moments together at RioLIVE! Pedra do Sal, which is a meeting point among cariocas, provided another meeting between the teacher Pablo and the former student of Rio & Learn Peter.

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After a lof of Samba, we switched rhythms and went dancing Forró in a bar at Pedra do Sal. The interections with students was very fun and interesting. Finally, the most difficult part came, the time to say goodbye. But our friends promised us they will come back to Rio de Janeiro so we can have one more RioLIVE! Night at Pedra do Sal was wonderful.

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