Night at salgueiro

Night at Salgueiro

amazing night at Salgueiro
amazing night at Salgueiro

On Saturday we went to Samba School and it we had a great time. The samba performances were fun and it was a great cultural experience. Everyone  had a lot of fun dancing samba, listening to the various live perfances and drinking caipirinhas.

Julissa Garcia, United States.
Night at Salgueiro.
Night at Salgueiro.
<div style=Last Saturday we had an amazing night at Salgueiro. We went to the samba school’s headquarters with the intention to get to know a bit about the carioca carnival and have a lot of fun. Since dancing samba seemed like a very hard task, we needed some energy to face this challenge. This energy presented itself in the form of caipirinhas.
Saturday night gathered the samba schools Salgueiro and Mocidade. Being the second most traditional school in the West zone of Rio. The samba schools sang their best sambas, getting everyone pumped and dancing all night. Besides that, our students could watch some presentations given by the passistas, velha guarda, baiana, mestre sala e porta bandeira, and also the drummers.
Since practicing Portuguese is always our main goal, the students could do so with the Brazilians that were there, as well as dance. It was a great RioLIVE! and at the end, all of us wanted to go back!
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