Night Out in Lapa

Noche Saliendo por Lapa

We spent Friday night with RioLIVE! in Lapa (which is now one of my favourite places) drinking Caipirinhas and cervejas as well as dancing a little bit of samba. It was such a good night, making new friends and meeting some locals.

Jarrod Agnew, New Zealand.

Night out in Lapa
More drinks, please!

A night out in Lapa! What a great way to finish our week. Our Portuguese students visited the best place in Rio de Janeiro for those who want to have fun, meet new people, dance and have good drinks, Lapa! After a long day of studies, we started our night at Arcos do Lapa, a big and amazing construction once built to transport water around the city, we talked about the history of the place while waiting for other students to come over.

When everybody was together, we walked a bit more to see more of the place and headed to a very traditional bar to dance and listen some good samba. Vaca Atolada is a very popular bar in Lapa, every weeekend people gather there, listen, dance and sing the best samba songs ever written. Students were a little shy in beginning but after some songs and drinks, they were dancing and singing with the locals. A great way to have a night out in Lapa.

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Night out in Lapa

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