Foreign language Portuguese students at MAC Niterói
MAC Niterói

L’edifici del MAC de Niterói es tant maco que es fa difícil concentrar-se en veure les exposicions d’art contemporani que s’hi apleguen, ja que la vista se’t va a les formes de l’edifici i a l’espectacular paissatge exterior.

Armand A., Catalunya.

MAC Niterói and his beatiful beach

Niterói and its Museu de Arte Contemporânea are a must see place in Rio. Even that lots of tourist don’t know this beautiful place it is one of the places where you find some of the best spots and landscapes in Rio. Our students finished astonished with the views on the sunny day we had. Pictures were taken around and nice talking too.

We had a beautiful afternoon with boat trip, bus with beautiful views, a good museum exposition, an amazing building, an amazing landscape  and wonderful views of Rio de Janeiro.

Don’t miss it. See some of our pictures below.

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