No bad luck at all!

Drinking caipirinhas in Rio de Janeiro.

Friday at Pedra do Sal was a big night of fun. Lucky for us Pedra do Sal is an iconic spot to go out and experience unique Brazilian party culture. A big benefit if you ask me was the cheap caipirinhas! However I think our professors probably were frightened by the amount of times they needed to say “BEBE DEVAGAR!” (Drink slowly) hahahahahaha…

Marcello Riley, New Zealand

Samba party at Pedra do Sal

We had no bad luck at all enjoying samba at Pedra do Sal. It was Friday the 13th but we didn’t feel intimidated by that and had a blast enjoying one of Rio de Janeiro’s most legendary parties. Some of our teachers also joined us in this adventure and made this visit even more joyful with Portuguese, fun, samba and no bad luck at all!

Fun Friday with samba and friends

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