North Zone of Rio de Janeiro

25 de January de 2017

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Today we have another Dica full of culture for you! We will talk about the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

To begin, Rio’s North Zone, or suburb as it is also known, is characterized by its older architecture. It is the home of the Maracanã Stadium, of several samba schools, and also the Galeão airport. By the way, the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro is the Rio that does not appear on the postcards, however its beauty and culture are unique. Ready to get to know a little more about it?

Tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro’s North Zone

The touristic spots of the North Zone characterize the beautiful attributes of the suburbs, and also appeals to many tourists. Let’s see some of them!


Maracanã Stadium, better known as Maraca, is the most important place for Brazilian football. It opened in July of 1950 and it’s a place filled with memories and history. It is located in the Maracanã Neighborhood, suburb of Rio de Janeiro. Two finals of the World Cup were hosted there, and it was where Pelé made his 1,000th goal.

Floresta da Tijuca

Floresta da Tijuca is located in the Parque Nacional da Tijuca. It’s the largest urban forest in the world. It has a variety of trails with different routes, levels of difficulty, and duration, and many waterfalls. You can see amazing views and learn a lot about history while enjoying the nature. You can visit, for example, the Pico da Tijuca or Pedra da Gávea, take a bath at Cachoeira do Horto, and enjoy the view at Vista Chinesa.


A place of samba and carnival, Salgueiro Court is where music and joy mix. Salgueiro’s Samba School is located in Andaraí and is one of the most famous Samba schools in Brazil. It was created in Morro do Salgueiro, a favela in Tijuca, suburb of Rio de Janeiro. In addition to that, Salgueiro has nine champion titles of the Special group of Rio Carnival, and has never been demoted from the Special group. Besides studying Portuguese with us, we can also take you to visit Salgueiro.


Mangueira is another Samba school that is very famous in the Brazilian carnival. It is located in the north zone of Rio de Janeiro in a neighborhood called Mangueira, and it was the first school that created a wing of composers including women. The school won an exclusive Super Championship, offered in the year of 1984, at the opening of the Sambódromo. In fact, Morro da Mangueira was its birthplace.

Quinta da Boa Vista

Quinta da Boa Vista is a municipal park in the Imperial District of São Cristóvão, located in the North zone of the city. It is the headquarters of the zoo of Rio de Janeiro. It was the official residence of the Royal family in 1808 until the proclamation of the Republic in 1889. In this huge park and peaceful place you can relax and study Portuguese in Rio. The zoo of Rio de Janeiro is also there.

Finally, take a look at other places in the suburb of Rio de Janeiro:

Important suggestion: When talking about suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, always do research about the places before you go and sometimes it is better to go with a guide due to the possible danger of some places, mainly in Salgueiro and Mangueira.

Neighborhoods of the North Zone

The North Zone of Rio de Janeiro is an area that does not attract many tourists for accommodation, only for visitation, except for Tijuca that is a middle class neighborhood and that presents medium to large sized companies. Now, let’s see the list of neighborhoods in the North Zone of Rio, but be careful! It is much bigger than the South Zone!

Abolição Acari Água Santa Alto da Boa Vista Anchieta
Andaraí Bancários Barros Filho Bento Ribeiro Bonsucesso
Brás de Pina Cachambi Cacuia Campinho Cascadura
Cavalcante Cidade Universitária Cocotá Coelho Neto Colégio
Complexo do Alemão Cordovil Costa Barros Del Castilho Engenho da Rainha
Engenheiro Leal Engenho de Dentro Encantado Engenho Novo Freguesia
Galeão Grajaú Guadalupe Higienópolis Honório Gurgel
Inhaúma Irajá Jardim América Jacarezinho Jardim Carioca
Jacaré Jardim Guanabara Lins de Vasconcelos Madureira Manguinhos
Maracanã Maré Marechal Hermes Maria da Graça Méier
Moneró Olaria Oswaldo Cruz Parada de Lucas Parque Anchieta
Parque Colúmbia Pavuna Penha Piedade Pilares
Pitangueiras Portuguesa Praia da Bandeira Quintino Bocaiúva Ramos
Riachuelo Ribeira Ricardo de Albuquerque Rocha Rocha Miranda
Sampaio São Francisco Xavier Tauá Tijuca Todos os Santos
Tomás Coelho Turiaçu Vaz Lobo Vicente de Carvalho Vila da Penha
Vigário Geral Vila Kosmos Vista Alegre Vila Isabel Zumbi

Curiosities about the north zone of Rio de Janeiro

In Tijuca there is a great gastronomic focal point, which ends up attracting many people to drink a cold beer and eat wonderful snacks on the weekends.

The Cachambi neighborhood has its name from indigenous origin. It means grass, as it used to be a region of large fields.

The Governador Island, where there is the Galeão Airport, was once considered a neighborhood, but today it is a region where 14 of the neighborhoods of the North Zone are.

In Madureira there is the famous Mercadão de Madureira. It is a popular market that attracts many tourists because of its prices and the quantity of products it sells.

Finally, in Ramos there is a public saltwater swimming pool called Piscinão de Ramos.

Get a student visa for Brazil and come visit the neighborhoods that make up the suburb of Rio and then tell us what you think of each one of them!

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