Northeastern dinner

1 de July de 2014

Northeastern dinner

Brazilian Northeastern dinner at Feira de SΓ£o CristΓ³vΓ£o
Northeastern dinner at Feira

Have you ever experienced a Brazil’s Northeastern dinner? Do you know Northeastern food? On Friday 27th we went to Centro de Tradiçáes Nordestinas Luiz Gonzaga, popularly known as Feira NordestinaΒ (Northeastern Fair) or Feira de SΓ£o CristΓ³vΓ£o, to know more about this traditional place where you can enjoy lots of sensations, products and music that you are just able to enjoy in Brazil’s Northeast.

This traditional place is quite different that the image that tourists have from Brazil, so far away from the typical topics. After a walking around we sit down in a typical restaurant in front of the main stage of the Feira and we enjoyed Northeastern food, beer and caipirinhas. Food was very enjoyable and we didn’t leave anything after us πŸ˜‰

See some pictures of the night, below the pictures you can see some of our lasts visits at Feira de SΓ£o CristΓ³vΓ£o:

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