Northeastern night

Northeastern night

Northeastern night.
Northeastern night.

Venerdí siamo stati con Pablo alla Feria de Sao Cristovao. Una feria tipica della tradizione nordestina. Che forza! E´stato davvero molto divertente. Gastronomia e prodotti artigianali tipici, musica e…ballando forró!! 🙂 Partecipare, per chi ama sperimentare la cultura locale, é una attivitá, tra le altre, da non perdere!

Carla Viotto, Italy.
delicious dinner with northeastern traditional food .
Delicious dinner with northeastern traditional food .
In our last RioLIVE! we had a great northeastern night. We met in Copacabana and we went to Feira de São Cristóvão, which is a piece of the Brazilian northeast in Rio de Janeiro. Our Portuguese students could know a little bit more about the northeastern culture, also talk about to the people who have the northeastern culture and realize the difference of the carioca pronounciation.
We could talk about many different subjects so many times, mainly making comparisons about the Brazilian regions. After talking very much, in Portuguese, it was time for dinner. We had a delicious dinner with northeastern traditional food such as: carne de sol, baião de dois, feijão tropeiro, and aipim frito.
In the end, we danced forró with the band Desejo de Menina. As our Portuguese students had forró classes, they felt condifent to dance. It was a great night. Come you too to have fun with our RioLIVE! Activities.

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