Nothing could prevent us from speaking Portuguese!

Submarino Riachuelo - marinha do Brasil.

The RioLIVE! this weekend was super fun! Although the rain prevented the boat ride, we still got to go to the Marine museum! We went aboard and explored a war submarine and battleship. Lots of Portuguese was spoken and afterwards we went to a little street market downtown, which had a really nice live music party, to grab a cup of coffee and some food.

Sara Westerhold, United States

Brazilian Military Forces

Nothing could prevent us from speaking Portuguese, literally. As our student explained in her comment, the bad weather prevented us from doing the boat tour. But the best part was that we took advantage of this and for this student specifically, since she studies online and doesn’t get the chance to speak 24/7, but in this RioLIVE! she talked all day long. We visited the Navy Cultural Space, the museum, a submarine, a battleship and the good things that this RioLIVE! Weekend offers. To finish this activity we had a nice cup of coffee learning more about Rio and the cariocas because nothing could prevent us from speaking.

Espaço Cultural da Marinha - RJ

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Coffee break in Rio de Janeiro

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