The Caiçara people

The Caiçara people. Five caiçara kids show off the fish they cought with their fishing boats.

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In today’s Dica we will talk about the Caiçara people!

The caiçara people are those who live in the southeast coast of Brazil. Usually, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (with the exception of the city of Santos). They usually live through agriculturehunting, from extracting any vegetable product from the earth, handicraft and, more recently, from ecotourism. They have adopted many indigenous habits, like the artisanal fishing.

They preserved some Portuguese words from the 1500; some caiçaras are blond, because they descent from french and Swiss adventurers that settled in this region during the colonial times. Nowadays, the traditional caiçara lifestyle is threatened by the real state speculation and over-fishing.

There you go guys! We have just learned about the caiçara people, another important character in the histoy of Brazil!

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