What is Guaraná?

24 de October de 2013

What’s up, everybody? Do you have any idea what Guaraná is? Today, we are going to learn its history, varieties and uses.

What is Guaraná?

What is Guaraná. No Brasil o Guaraná é usado como fruta, em pó e refrigerante.

Guaraná is a fruit from the Amazon, which is used to make a soft drink (soda) with an amazing taste. It is a very popular drink not only in the Amazon, but also throughout Brazil.

Benefits of Guaraná

Guaraná is consumed most popularly in Brazil as a soda. But that’s not all we can make using the fruit. Guaraná has been long used by indigenous groups for medicine and energy, and you can find it in different forms such as powder, juice, or medicine.
It can be used as an appetite stimulant, painkiller, antidiarrheal, or stimulant.

It’s also used for treating depression, sexual disfunctions, headaches, stress and a lot more.

How to use Guaraná

In Brazil, it’s fairly easy to run into people selling Guaraná powder or fruits. You can use these to make juices or tea!
Check out this Guaraná tea recipe:

  • Anti-Fatigue Guaraná Tea: Dilute 4 teaspoons of Guaraná in 500 mL of boiling water. Let is sit for about 15 minutes. Drink 2 to 3 cups per day.

Most Famous Guaraná Brands

If you ever feel like having a Guaraná beverage when coming to Brazil, just ask for any of these and you will most likely love it!

You may still be wondering: what is the story behind Guaraná? The origin of this fruit is recounted in an indigenous Brazilian legend.

Legend of Guaraná

A couple in the Maués tribe lived together for years without having any kids, but wished that they could have at least one. One time, the couple asked the king of gods, Tupã, to give them a child so that they could find fulfillment in their lives and be happy. Tupã answered their request because he knew they were good people, and he gave them a boy.

The years went by and the boy grew to be handsome and kind. However, the god of darkness, Jurupari, envied the peace and happiness the boy would pass onto others, and decided to kill him as he picked fruits in the forest.

The sad news of the boy’s death quickly got to the parents. At the same time, the sounds of thunder echoed across the skies and lightning struck the village. The thunder and lightning were a message from the god Tupã, telling the mother to plant the boy’s eyes in the dirt. That way, a new plant would grow and spread all the boy’s kindness through its delicious fruits.

At the place where the parents planted the boy’s eyes, the Guaraná grew. It was a plant with black seeds that looked like human eyes.

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