O L final

O L no final das palavras em português: Eles assistiram ao pôr-do-sol no final do dia.
What’s up guys?
Let’s do differently?

Today we will make a video lesson that we’ll talk about the L in the end of words in Portuguese

 You can also see this video with Portuguese, English or Spanish subtitles.

If you want to learn a little more about L in the end of words in Portuguese, click here.

What’s up, guys, are you ok?
As you know me already, I am Moisés, I am the coordinator at Rio & Learn and today we are going to do our Video Dica in which we will talk about the ‘L’ in the end of the words. We are going to talk about how the letter ‘L’ works in the end of the words of Portuguese Language. At least with carioca’s accent.

At Brazilian Portuguese, the letter ‘L’, in the end of the words normally has the sound of ‘U’. It doesn’t happen in all Brazilian accents, but it happens with the carioca’s accent and, as we are in Rio de Janeiro, let’s talk about our accent.

So here it is: the letter ‘L’ becomes ‘U’, in its sound.

Let’s see here some examples with some words:

Sal (Salt), Mal (Bad), Natal (Christmas), Carnaval (Carnival), Mel (Honey), Hotel (Hotel), Brasil (Brazil), Funil (Funnel), Farol (Lighthouse), Anzol (hook), Quartel (Quarter), Amável (Lovely), Saudável (Healthy), Abril (April), Anel (Ring), Canal (Channel), Sinal (Sign), Fútil (Shallow), that is out of our organization, completely! and, Jornal (Newspaper).

Well, now we know how these words work, this ‘L’ in the of the words of the Portuguese Language, as I said before, at the carioca’s accent. We saw here that the sound of ‘L’ turns to ‘U’, ok?

And here I have a small challenge for you: What’s the difference between ‘mau’ (bad) and ‘mal’ (bad)?

Since both words have the same sound. But is ended with ‘U’ and the other is ended with ‘L’. Let’s think about it together! Ok?

And then, we will see the answer in our next Dica do Dia.

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So in our next Dica, we will have answer for our question of our small challenge and you can also contact us
through our website and you can follow us at our Social Networks, ok?
The Social Networks, you know already.

Big hug from Rio de Janeiro for all of you who watch our video and we are waiting for you here in our next
video, ok?

So, big hug for you guys!
Bye, bye!

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