Christmas in Brazil

23 de December de 2013

We celebrate Christmas in Brazil on the 25th of December. To be more specific, at midnight on the 24th of December to the 25h of December, Brazilians usually wish each other a Merry Christmas and exchange gifts.

Christmas in Brazil

It’s really common to find in houses around the city lots of lights of different shapes shining all the time. They are called pisca-piscas in Portuguese. In Brazil, Christmas spirit involves the whole city and its houses, stores and shopping centers are full of Christmas decoration.

Christmas in Brazil. Os presentes, a Γ‘rvore de Natal e os pisca-piscas.

Usually in Brazil, the families spend the Christmas Eve together as Christmas symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ and a strong idea of communion and bond, especially because Brazil is a very religious country (catholic). TV channels often celebrate the famousΒ Missa do GaloΒ live and families sit to watch it together.

Families typically prepare a big Christmas dinner and, at midnight, they feast together. Close friends usually visit each other houses to eat and wish other families a Merry Christmas. At work, it’s really common to have aΒ secret Santa, in which coworkers draw each other names and give gifts while they celebrate the final days of the year in the company.

A big symbol of Christmas in Brazil isΒ Papai NoelΒ (Santa Claus). O bom velhinho (the good old man), as he is known, who brings gifts for the children.

How is it in your country?

When is Christmas celebrated?

How is Papai NoelΒ called in your language?

What do you do on this date?

Before we go, Rio & Learn wishes all of you a Merry Christmas, full of peace, joy and of course, gifts!

Feliz Natal, galera!

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