Plural of the words ending in L

Plural of the words ending in L. As camisas azuis.

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We have already seen a Dica in which we explain the plural of the words ending in vowels and the words ending in -ÃO.

In our Dica today, we are going to learn the plural of the words ending in L. When one word ends in -al, -el, -ol or -ul, the plural form is very simple: we need to change the end by -is.

Construction of the Plural in L

Plural of the words ending in L. Formação do Plural em L. Al, el, il, ol, ul.

Let’s see some strucutres with words ending in -al, -el, -ol or -ul.


Os animais selvagens ficam nas florestas.
The wild animals live in the forests.

Os papeis estão na gaveta da secretária.
The papers are in the secretary’s drawer.

Nossos amigos são espanhóis.
Our friends are Spanish.

Os guarda-chuvas são azuis.
The umbrellas are blue.

Os casais estão felizes.
The couples are happy.

Os anéis são de ouro.
The rings are made of gold.

Os lençóis estão na lavanderia.
The sheets are at the laundry.

Words ending in -il

Let’s also see the case of the words ended in -il. In the case of the words ended in -il, the plural form is formed by the following way:

When -il is the stressed syllable, we just change -il by ‘s’.


When -il isn’t the stressed syllable, we make a change:


Now, let’s see the plural form of some structures with words ending in -il.


Eles são adultos mas são muito  infantis.
They are adults but they are very childish.

Os cariocas são muito gentis.
Cariocas are very gentle.

Os barris estão cheios de vinho.
The barrels are full of wine.

Protetores solares no Rio de Janeiro são muito úteis.
Sunblock in Rio de Janeiro is very useful.

Os exercícios de português são fáceis.
The Portuguese exercises are easy.

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We learned one more Dica about the plural in Portuguese. Let’s practice?

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