Sertanejo – The people

Sertanejo - The people. Sertanejo é o morador das zonas secas do Brasil. O sertão.

What’s up guys!
What about learning a little more about Brazilian people?

Today we’ll talk about the Sertanejo.

Sertanejo is the person who lives in the countryside, mainly at the chapadas and caatinga of Brazil, most of them in the Northeast of Brazil. Sertanejos are admirable, because they face a hard life at sertão (the Backlands) and have a very simple life raising some oxes and cows and planting something specific for him and his family.

What really represents a sertanejo is a man on a horse, with a big knife on his waist, a leather hat, a gibão (leather jacket) and also a capanga. This kind of character inspired important names of the Brazilian literature such as Guimarães Rosa, Euclides da Cunha and Graciliano Ramos.

The Sertanejo is kind, hospitable, likes to party, and has a heart full of hope. He is determined , religious, courageous and at the same time full of superstitions .

Because of the difficult life in the sertão, many country people decide to move to other regions of Brazil to start a new life. Here in the Rio de Janeiro it’s possible to see the sertanejo culture at the Feira de São Cristóvão. A great place to find food and music typical of these people.

Now, we have learned a little bit more about the diversity of the Brazilian identity. What about your country? Are there any people like the Sertanejo?

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