Onomatopoeia in Portuguese

Ejemplo de onomatopeyas en Portugués: Todos estavam conversando, e era um verdadeiro zum zum zum.

What’s up people from A Dica do Dia, how y’doing? Well, today in our Dica we will learn about Onomatopoeia in Portuguese! Do you know what onomatopoeia is?

Learning about onomatopoeia in Portuguese

Onomatopoeia is an imitation of sounds through phonemes or words. What do we mean by that? We use an onomatopoeia in Portuguese when we want to write a sound or represent it without expressing exactly the sound.

When we want to mimic the sound of a bomb, for example, in Portuguese we would say BUM! How do you say it in your language?

Examples of sounds in Portuguese

Check out some examples of onomatopoeia and their meanings or situations of usage:

Ah! Shout, joy, surprise, irony
Ai! Pain or emotion
Bang Shot
Bibi/Fomfom Horn
Buá buá Someone crying
Buuuuu Hoot/ Sound you make to scare someone
Bum Sound of a bomb
Chuá chuá Sound of water
Clap clap Applause
Click/Clique Snap, turn on, turn off
Cof cof Cough
Crac/Crec To break something
Dindon/Blim blom Bell ringing sound
Fiu fiu Whistle
Glub glub Drink quickly
Grrrrrr Sound of anger
Hã? Sound of amazement, reflection, surprise, inquiry
Hmmm Maybe, doubt
Hahahaha Laugh
Nhac nhac Chewing
Paft, paf! Fall
Plaft! Slap
Pinguepongue Pingpong
Pow!/Pou Shot
Pum Crash
Quá quá quá/KKKKKK Laugh
Snif snif Cry, lamentation
Tibum Someone falling to the ground
Tic-tac/tiquetaque Clock sound
Toc toc Knock on the door
Trim trim Phone ringing
Tum Blow
Ufff… Tiredness
Vrum vrum Engine start
Zum zum A lot of people talking low at the same time
Zzzzzzzz Sleeping

Can you imitate an animal in Portuguese? That’s very funny, because the animal sounds also vary depending on the language. If you want to learn how to do animal sounds in Portuguese, learn it here!

Now, watch this video to practice your listening skills. Don’t forget to activate the subtitles if you need them:

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A big hug to you and we will see you next time!

Tchau tchau!

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