Operation Car Wash

6 de March de 2018

Hello, friends from A Dica do Dia!
On our Dica today we are going to talk about one of the most important operations in Brazil: Operation Car wash.

Operation Car Wash

Operation Car wash began in 2014 under the command of the federal judge Sérgio Moro, and is still going on.

What began as an investigation about money laundry gained huge proportions about claims of corruption from Petrobras, bribe acceptance in exchange of overpriced constructions among big companies, and several other scandals.

This is one of the biggest scandals in all Latin America.
The name came up due to transfers of illegal money to the gas station Posto da Torre, in Brasília, which belongs to Carlos Habib Chater, defendant in the operation, and also other car wash stations – know in Brazil by the name Lava a Jato (Car wash). Besides Habib Chater, others involved in the huge criminal alliance are: Alberto Youssef, Nelma Kodama and Raul Henrique Srour.

Who is involved in Operation Car wash

Among the companies involved, the ones highlighted are:

  • Odebrecht
  • OAS
  • Camargo Corrêa
  • Andrade Gutierrez
  • Queiroz Galvão
  • UTC Engenharia
  • Engevix
  • IESA Óleo e Gás

Among several people involved, the ones highlighted are:

  • Eduardo Cunha, Ex-presidente da câmara dos deputados
  • Guido Mantega, Ex-ministro da fazenda
  • João Alberto Pizzolati, ex-deputado federal
  • Joesley Batista, J&F investimentos
  • Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, ex-presidente do Brasil
  • Luiz Fernando Pezão, Governador do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

External impacts of Operation Car wash

Car wash had much impact, not only in Brazil, but also in other countries such as México, Panamá, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela in which many politicians also were involved in corruption in Brazil.

Operation Car wash numbers

The Operation, that started in march, 2014 with the Judge Sérgio Moro has now:

  • 160 people arrested
  • 179 people indicted
  • 93 people convicted
  • 16 companies involved
  • 232 people investigated
  • R$ 38.1 billions lost in refunds
  • R$ 3.6 billions in diverted funds

With the Brazilian people, stays the hope for the end of corruption and an improvement in the country politics related to the use of illegal money in matters of major importance to the nation, such as better infrastructure for the health, education and safety systems, that are the pillars that hold any country.  

We have just learned about one of the hugest operations in the History of Latin America, the Operation car wash, that is still in progress.

We see you on our next Dica, guys!

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