Brazilian Coconut Water

28 de July de 2014

Hi guys! How are you?
On today’s Dica we are going to talk about the Brazilian coconut water and learn how to buy it in a quiosque.

The coconut water is Brazilian’s favorite drink in a sunny day. Mild and low calorie, this drink has lots of benefits. Let’s learn them:

What is coconut water good for

  1. A glass of coconut water has the necessary quantity of Calcium and magnesium that the human body needs.
  2. Drinking coconut water is a good way to prevent dehydration when you are sick.
  3. This drink also helps you lower the level of stress and weariness as well as relax the muscles of the human body.
  4. Scientists claim that the coconut water helps in reducing growth of chronic diseases such as cancer.
  5. Coconut water is a drink that has low sugar. Are you thinking of a dessert? How about drinking some coconut water at the beach?

Now that you learned what coconut water is good for, let’s learn how to buy it with some help of our friend Moisés

Read the dialogue below:

How to buy Brazilian coconut water

Atendente: Olá, pois não!
Moisés: Você pode me trazer uma água de coco, por favor?
Atendente: Claro!
Moisés: Obrigado! Muito obrigado!

Atendente: Hello, can I help you?
Moisés: Can you bring me some coconut water, please?
Atendente: Sure!
Moisés: Thanks! Thank you very much! 

Just like every Carioca, we drink coconut water here in Rio de Janeiro and we’ll be waiting for you, galera!

Big hug to all of you and we meet again on our next Dica!
Bye bye!

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