Personal Pronouns O and A

Personal Pronouns O and A. Eu as vi no parque lage

What’s up guys, are you ok? Well, today we are going to continue personal pronouns. This is the second part of our video class. So, we are going to see some new stuff about them.

Check this out, some stuff we already know. Personal Pronouns O and A refer to some subject that was mentioned before, then, they are contextualized. So, check this out!

 Formation of Personal Pronouns O and A

Personal Pronouns O and A. Você, Ele, Ela, Vocês, Eles, Elas.

Let’s understand it with examples to get better. In general, they come before a conjugated verb. Let’see this in a better form for you to understand. Check this out!

Examples in the singular

Pedro: Marcos, você viu o Manoel na rua?
Marcos: Sim. Eu o vi.

Pedro: Marcos, have you seen Manoel on the street?
Marcos: Yes, I have seen him.

This o (him) refers to Manoel. So check this out:

Julia: Marina, você viu a Carla?
Marina: Não. Eu não a vi.

Julia: Marina, have you seen Carla?
Marina: No. I haven’t seen her.

This a (her), refers to Carla. So, they are here,refering to a subject that was mentioned before: here the subject is Manoel, here the subject is Carla. Ok? So, look here:

Examples in the plural

Eu vi o João e o Paulo na praça. Vocês os viram também?
I have seen João and Paulo at the beach. Have you seen them too?

Os (them), João and Paulo. Ok? Check this out:

Julia: Você encontrou com a Gisele e a Lucia?
Marina: Não. Eu não as encontrei.

Julia: Have you met Gisele and Lúcia?
Marina: I haven’t met them.

As (them), Gisele and Lucia.

So, that’s it guys! Very simple, very quick!
We are finishing here with our Muito obrigado! to all of you guys. You can get in contact to know a little bit more of our school. Also to know things that happen here, around Rio. And look, here is:  Rio & Learn,  for you to visit us whenever you want to, also to subscribe at our blog Dica do Dia, that is on the website, and also here, our Facebook page, Twitter, and Social Networks in general for us to be connected, ok?

So, we see each other in our next Vídeo Dica, ok?
Big hug for you guys!

Bye bye!

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