Our Afternoon Tea. Students sitting at table drinking tea at Confeitaria Colombo

La experiencia fuera del salón de clases que ofrece Rio & Learn, es increíble ya que a través de ella te sumerges en la fascinante cultura brasileña, lo cual te ayuda a progresar más rápido en tu aprendizaje del idioma portugués. Una experiencia 100 % recomendable.

Luis Eduardo Veloz Zambrano, Venezuela


Students in front of the main plate of the Confeitaria Colombo

Very excited to know this place

On this RioLIVE! we went to one of the most beautiful places in Rio de Janeiro for our afternoon tea: the Confeitaria Colombo. We enjoyed the beauty of this wonderful place, and we enjoyed the pastries and coffees in our afternoon tea. Everything there is amazing!


Students inside the Confeitaria Colombo

Very happy after tasting the delights


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