Our Lady of Aparecida day in Brazil

Our Lady of Aparecida day in Brazil. O Santuário Nacional de Nossa Senhora Aparecida.
Do you guys know what day is today?
Today is the Our Lady of Aparecida day in Brazil, and our A Dica do Dia will explain a little about this popular holiday we have here.

Our Lady of Aparecida is the affectionate name that Brazilians have for our Lady. She’s called Aparecida (appeared) because there are several reports of image apparitions of Our Lady of the Conception in moments of difficulty.

The day of Our Lady of Aparecida patroness of Brazil was celebrated on several different dates, but in 1953 the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil decided that the celebrations would be done on the 12th of October. This date was chosen to be related to the day of the Discovery of America. In 1980 the date was declared a national holiday.

It is very common for Brazilians from all regions of the country to travel to the city of Aparecida in São Paulo on October 12th. There you can find the National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida, the largest Catholic church in Brazil and the second largest in the world.

Usually Brazilians go there to fulfill vows, make request to Our Lady and of course, take a tour around the sanctuary.

And you? What do you usually do on the 12th of October? Is it a special day in your countries?
If you are visiting São Paulo this time of year do not forget to go to Aparecida!

Until the next culture-enriching A Dica do Dia!
A big hug from Rio & Learn!

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