Our Walk Through The Garden

Nuestro paseo por el Jardín Botánico llevó a nuestros estudiantes a posar en frente del lago.

For today’s Rio Live we went to jardim botânico with Sylvia. We started off by traveling here via autobus. Transportation here was very easy and fast! The botanical garden is a very peaceful and photogenic place. Having beautiful lagoons, flowerbeds and gardens – absolute must see! The entry ways consist of rows of palm trees with Christ the redeemer overlooking in the distant background. Overall, I had a great experience.. Sylvia was an excellent tour guide of gardens – she’s the coolest 😎

Alex Schwab, United States

 Students strolling through the Botanical Garden
Learning a lot about Brazilian nature

Our walk through the garden was amazing, we learned on this RioLIVE! a lot about flowers, plants and trees. We stopped by the lake to see fish and turtles, in addition to taking beautiful pictures of the whole nature.
The Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro is just perfect. Our walk through the garden is a must!

 Students in front of palm trees
Exploring nature

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