Paddle Surf in Brazil

Paddle Surf in Brazil

Paddle Surf in Brazil.
Paddle Surf in Brazil.

Esta experiencia en rio a sido increible, sobretodo gracias a Rio & learn. Para mi a sido la mejor manera para aprender la lengua portuguesa de la forma mas rapida y divertida. Clase por la mañana y actividades super intresantes por la tarde. Yo personalmente me quedo con las actividades de playa como voley o paddle surf. Perfecto para socialicar y hacer tu estancia en Rio mucho mas agradable. Sinceramente estoy muy satisfecho y pienso repetirlo la proxima vez que venga.

Lam Aparici, Spain.

Paddle Surf in Copacabana.
Fun, Portuguese and Surf in Copacabana.

Paddle Surf in Brazil has grown very much. At Copacabana’s beach is very common to see people practicing paddle. So, we gathered our students from Spain, Argentina, France and Australia to do our RioLIVE! on the beach. We walked until Universo Paddle Surf School to have one hour of paddle surf activities.

All the way from the Rio & Learn to the beach, our Portuguese students took this time to talk in Portuguese among each other making comparisons about the paddle surf in their countries. They were really surprised when they found out the big number of pratitioners in Brazil. The activity started with a quick explanation and soon, everybody was hitting the water. Even with a lot of falls, their satisfaction with the beautiful landscapes prevailed. It was a great afternoon.

Come you too to take in our RioLIVE! Activities.

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