Paddle Surf and Portuguese

Paddle Surf and Portuguese

Stand up paddle surf with Rio & Learn
Stand up paddle surf with Rio & Learn

La actividad del stand up paddle surf fue muy divertida! Todos nos encontramos en la escuela y nos dirigimos a la playa de Copacabana…unos instructores nos ensenaron la teoría y después nos aventuramos en el mar con las tablas. Nos caímos mucho pero no fue tan difícil como parecía. Después jugamos Voleyball en la playa y tomamos una cerveza. Fue un día muy divertido y los profesores de RioLIVE! nos hicieron pasar un tiempo muy bueno, una vez más!

Juan Pablo, Mexico

Portuguese students on the beach
Portuguese students on the beach
In one more beautiful and sunny afternoon in Rio de Janeiro, we left the school and we went to Copacabana’s beach to practice some Stand Paddle Surf. We made a very nice walk until the Paddle Surf school. We started with (Portuguese) class on the sand where our Portuguese students could have some instructions about the techniques to stand on the board.

As we were a very big group, the students entered the water in pairs. Among dives and falls, everybody enjoyed the beautiful landscape of Copacabana’s beach, but, now in a different angle, staring the sea. Everybody practiced their Portuguese, had fun and enjoyed a beautiful carioca afternoon.
It was an amazing RioLIVE! What about you? Do you want to have fun, learn Portuguese and do great activities in Rio? Come to Rio & Learn and take part into our RioLIVE! Activities.

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